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Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 

God’s Blessings to you on  your upcoming marriage!

So, you’re interested in holding your wedding at St. Paul’s Church.

Here are the steps you need to take...

  1. Download the wedding information.
  2. Call the church to book your date.
  3. Make arrangements with the pastor for the pre-marriage counseling.
We have a special song that we would like sung. What should we do?
Your wedding is a service of worship, whether conducted in the church or elsewhere. The music used throughout the wedding is to be worshipful and religious. The “romance” songs may be used at your reception, but they are inappropriate for a worship service.
My uncle is a pastor and we would like him to perform the service. What should we do?
The pastor-in-residence normally presides at the wedding service. Guest pastors participating in the ceremony will be Christian and will participate at the discretion of the pastor.
May my flower girl throw rose petals?
We do not allow REAL ROSE PETALS to be thrown, because the oils in the petals can stain the carpet. If you would like, she may throw paper petals. The custodian should then be enumerated extra for the additional work to clean up the church.
May we put decorations on the pews?
No tape of any kind (including double sided), nails, glue, velcro, etc. are to be used on the pews. You are not to use anything that may damage the finish of the woodwork. Florists do have available pew holders which clip onto the pew rail. These are permissible.
May we have bird seed thrown after the service?
NO rice or birdseed is allowed. Not only does it create hazardous conditions, but it is a reflection of the heathen custom which believes it will make the couple fertile.
How long is the aisle, so we can order the aisle runner?
Aisle Runners are strongly discouraged. The aisle in St. Paul’s Church is already carpeted, so no runner is necessary. We have found that because the aisle is carpeted, women’s heels will often go right through the runner and get caught, causing a hazard to the bridal party as well as guests.
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