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Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 

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Rev. Daniel Decker - Senior Pastor

Rev. Jack Fish - Pastoral Assistant




Mr. James Kroll - Principal


Alexis Olson - School Secretary
Cindy Baier- Bookkeeper
Janet Jass - Hot Lunch Accountant
Stacey Marenda - Church Secretary

Early Childhood

Amy Denson - Pre Kindergarten
Julie Wojcik - Pre Kindergarten

Elizabeth Decker - Kindergarten teacher
First and Second Grades
Tristi March - 1st Grade
Kristen Gestrich - 2nd Grade


Third and Fourth Grades
Christina Toberman -  3rd Grade Teacher
Katie Huie - 4th Grade
Ashley Sheppard - 4th Grade


Junior High
Sara Knuth - 5th Grade Homeroom,
Jill Fenrick - 7th Grade Homeroom, Jr. High Language Arts
Nolen Leach - 6th Grade homeroom, Jr. High Science teacher
James Kroll - Principal, Pre-algebra
Mark Fenrick -8th Grade homeroom, Jr. High teacher, Athletic Director

Day Care

Rebecca Widner - Day Care Director

Support Staff
Kris Johnson - Math Specialist, Jr. High teacher
John Mueller - Director of Christian Education
Tom Lepinski - Business Manager
Kathy Pingel - Family and Women's Ministries
Ruth Ann Schultz - Reading Specialist
Heather Sullivan - Spanish
Lisa Wedel - Librarian, IMC director
Rachel Ziegler - Art