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2021-2022 Grade or Department 2021-2022
Item Description
Wished by
or Contact person
Pre-K PlayMonster Lauri Action Stackers Big Builder Set Assorted $40 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K FatBrain Toys Squigz Jumbo 75 pieces $60 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K Brainspark Digit Blocks 48 pieces $35 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K Water Table: Clear-View Sand and Water Table and Top (SKU XX-18182)
Vendor: Constructive Playthings (constructive
$250 Mrs. Denson
Kindergarten Play-Doh/modeling clay Mrs. Decker
2nd Grade Gift Cards to Teacher Pay Teacher (any amount is appreciated) Mrs. Gestrich
2nd Grade
Gift Cards to Amazon to buy rewards for students(any amount is appreciated)
Mrs. Gestrich
2nd Grade Wall Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard $300 Mrs. Huie
7th Grade Classroom pack of (30) dry erase boards
30 for $198 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Donations towards DC Class Trip $10 - $500 Mr. Kroll
Library/Computer Lab 16 Classroom Chairs, please see Mrs. Wedel as to which type $80 each Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Big Joe Bean Refill 100L 2 Pack, (Amazon ) $35 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Maker Playbook: A Guide to Creating Inclusive Learning Experiences, (Amazon ) $29 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Big Book of Makerspace Projects: Inspiring Makers to Experiment, Create, and Learn, (Amazon ) $20 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Makedo Invent| Cardboard Construction Tools for Kids Age 5+, (Amazon ) $175 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab CANARY Corrugated Cardboard Scissors, (Amazon ) $19 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Tabletop Magnetic Easel & Whiteboard (2 Sides), (Amazon ) $20 Mrs. Wedel
PE Volleyball System (poles and net) $3,500 Mr. Fenrick
PE Wireless Scoreboards for the gym $12,000 Mr. Fenrick
PE Finish Line Flags (Flames Meet) x2 $180 Mr. Fenrick
Music Gameplan Music Activities Grade 1 $120 Ann Henny
Music Gameplan Music Activities Grade 2 $125 Ann Henny
Music Cabinet with doors $200 Ann Henny
Youth Foam balls for games John Mueller
Youth Lowes gift card for paint and painting supplies John Mueller
Youth Couches, new or good used John Mueller
Youth Pizza fund John Mueller
General Tuition assistance fund Mr. Kroll
General Outdoor Garbage Can $500 Mr. Kroll
General Bill counting machine Cindy Seedorff
General Drop slot safe Cindy Seedorff
General Biometric time clock Cindy Seedorff
General American (4) flags for classrooms: ask for size and room Mr. Kroll
General Christian (10) flags for classrooms: ask for size and room Mr. Kroll
Pastor Church Van $25,000 Pastor Decker
Pastor Regularly scheduled retreats Pastor Decker
Church Risograph machine $10,000 Stacey Marenda
Church Bible Study books for various studies - about $10 each, 6 sessions a year at approx 30 books per session = $300 per session and $1800 a year Mrs. Pingel