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Last updated - March 31, 2023
2022-2023 Grade or Department 2022-2023
Item Description
Wished by
or Contact person
Pre-K Learning Resources Jumbo Colorful Eye Droppers (Set of 6) $16.99 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K Learning Resources Link 'N' Learn Links (500 pieces) $18.99 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K YEEBAY Flower Garden Building Toys (148 pieces) $33.99 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K Sweet time Wooden Building Blocks Set for Kids (23 pieces) $24.99 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K OATHX Montessori Toys Stacking Rocks Wooden Blocks (20 pieces large size) $19.99 Mrs. Denson
Pre-K READY 2 LEARN Dough Character Accessories - Set of 52 in 21 Different Shapes $12.00 Mrs. Wojcik
Pre-K STEM Learning Pipe Tube Toy, Sensory Toys, Tube Locks Construction Building Blocks $35.00 Mrs. Wojcik
Pre-K Gxi Button Art Toys Crafts for Toddler Activities Game Peg Board Preschool Toys $25.00 Mrs. Wojcik
Kindergarten 13 Beginner's Bible READ THROUGH THE BIBLE $14.99 each Miss March
Kindergarten 13 Beginner's Bible READ THROUGH THE BIBLE $14.99 each Mrs. Decker
2nd Grade Gift Cards to Teachers Pay Teachers (any amount is appreciated)   Mrs. Gestrich
2nd Grade Gift Cards to Amazon to buy rewards for students (any amount is appreciated)   Mrs. Gestrich
2nd Grade K'Nex sets for STEM $25 - 50 each Mrs. Gestrich
3rd Grade Active kids chair - 14" wobble chair (1 blue, 1 black) $68.99 each Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade FDP softscape 14" square bean bag poufs for kids Navy/Powder Blue $109.99 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade Office Chair - Mid back home office desk chair, adjustable height, breathable mesh $69.42 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade Socfscape 15 inch round floor cushions with handles contemporary $77.00 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade American Plastic Toys' Kids' Scoop Rockers (Pack of 4) (red) $40.00 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade Novelinks transparent 4"x6" Photo Cases and clear craft keeper with handle 16 (multicolored) $29.99 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade Hasboro gaming: jenga classic game $20.00 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade Mini dry erase erasers, IHPUKIDI 48 Pack (2.2 inch) $24.00 Mrs. Toberman
3rd Grade Coogman Magnetic Letters 208 Pcs with magnetic board and storage box $26.00 Mrs. Toberman
4th Grade Teacher Chair $140.00 Mrs. Huie
4th Grade Daily Review Book $15.00 Mrs. Huie
4th Grade Animal Erasers/Desk Pets (100 Pieces) $25.00 Mrs. Huie
4th Grade Dry Erase Pockets (Pack of 30) $30.00 Mrs. Huie
4th Grade Gift Cards to Teachers Pay Teachers (any amount is appreciated)   Mrs. Huie
4th Grade Parts of Speech Posters $25.00 Mrs. Huie
5th Grade Scholastic News   Marie Nicholson
7th Grade IWORKBOARD - Mobile Height Adjustable Desk 27 Inch Rolling Laptop Desk (3 requested) $175 each Mrs. Fenrick
7th and 8th Grade Donations towards DC Class Trip $10 - $500 Mr. Kroll
7th and 8th Grade Donations towards Florida Class Trip $10 - $500 Mr. Kroll
Sports B Team Girls Basketball Uniforms $3,000 Mr. Fenrick
Sports B Team Girls Cheerleading Uniforms $2,000 Mr. Fenrick
Sports Basketball Rims (x2) = $350-600 $350-600 Mr. Fenrick
Library/Computer Lab 16 Classroom Chairs, please see Mrs. Wedel as to which type $80 each Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Big Joe Bean Refill 100L 2 Pack, (Amazon ) $35.00 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Maker Playbook: A Guide to Creating Inclusive Learning Experiences, (Amazon ) $29.00 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Big Book of Makerspace Projects: Inspiring Makers to Experiment, Create, and Learn, (Amazon ) $20.00 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Makedo Invent| Cardboard Construction Tools for Kids Age 5+, (Amazon ) $175.00 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab CANARY Corrugated Cardboard Scissors, (Amazon ) $19.00 Mrs. Wedel
Library/Computer Lab Tabletop Magnetic Easel & Whiteboard (2 Sides), (Amazon ) $20.00 Mrs. Wedel
PE Finish Line Flags (Flames Meet) x2 $180 each Mr. Fenrick
Youth Foam balls for games   John Mueller
Youth Lowes gift card for paint and painting supplies   John Mueller
Youth Couches, new or good used   John Mueller
Youth Pizza fund   John Mueller
General Tuition assistance fund   Mr. Kroll
General 24" 24" Education Pro Color Poster Maker $3,400.00 Mr. Kroll
General Outdoor Garbage Can $500.00 Mr. Kroll
General Outdoor Bike Rack $1,000.00 Mr. Kroll
General Drop slot safe   Cindy Seedorff
General American (4) flags for classrooms: ask for size and room   Mr. Kroll
General Christian (10) flags for classrooms: ask for size and room   Mr. Kroll
Pastor Church Van $25,000.00 Pastor Decker
Pastor Regularly scheduled retreats   Pastor Decker
Church Risograph machine $10,000.00 Stacey Marenda
Church Bible Study books for various studies - about $10 each, 6 sessions a year at approx 30 books per session = $300 per session and $1800 a year   Mrs. Pingel