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A note about RaiseRight

What is RaiseRight?  RaiseRight is a fundraising program that allows St. Paul’s to purchase gift cards from national & local businesses at discounted prices.  We then sell these cards to you at face value, generating an instant rebate to St. Paul’s with each card sold.  Paying with RaiseRight instead of cash or credit at participating retailers allows you to generate much needed financial support for St. Paul’s without spending a penny more than you are already spending for everyday expenses like groceries, gas, clothing, and entertainment.  As an added incentive, every August, you will receive 40% of the rebate generated by your RaiseRight purchases in the past year (July 1 thru June 30).  St. Paul’s will use the remaining 60% of the rebate generated by your RaiseRight purchases to provide faculty salary support and fund needs not provided for in the budget.  Complete details are listed in the documents below.  Get into the RaiseRight habit today!

RaiseRight Information

St. Paul's "Favorites" - updated - December, 2022

St. Paul's Favorites List w/rebate percentages - updated - December, 2022


How St. Paul's Has Used RaiseRight (Scrip) Rebates since 1997

updated August, 2022


RaiseRight FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

updated August, 2022


updated August, 2022





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