Living, Sharing, & Celebrating Christ's Love in Our Community

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Living, Sharing, & Celebrating Christ's Love in Our Community

What does this mean?  St. Paul's Lutheran School has been providing a quality Christian education since 1865! A school that teaches that Christ is the Center of our Lives!

St. Paul's Lutheran Church has continuously operated a Christian day school for over 150 years. The teachers and administration strive to give each child the best education available. Each child is educated in the social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual areas.

St. Paul's was recognized in 1992-1993 as one of the Blue Ribbon Schools in America. The United States Department of Education gives this award to schools they feel are outstanding. Fifty-seven different criteria were used by the government, and St. Paul's was found to be outstanding in all of the areas.

The faculty, staff, and administration invite everyone to be part of God's community at St. Paul's. It is a caring community of Christians who want God's children to learn of His salvation.

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General Information


Kindergarten-8th Grade - 8:00am-3:10pm. Students may enter the building at 7:45am, and wrap around care is available through our daycare.

3 Year Old Preschool - 12:00pm-3:00pm.  There are two sessions available:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday

4 Year Old Preschool (operated through the Janesville School District P4J program) - Weekdays either 8:00am-11:00am or 12:00pm-3:00pm

Grades and Tuition Payments

The web address for Sycamore is:

You will use this to access grades and school information. 

You can access Smart Tuition to make payments here:

School Registration

We believe that a quality Christian education is for everyone.  With that in mind the school participates in several programs to assist families with the cost of tuition.  If you have questions about what programs are available contact the school office by email or at 608-754-4471.  

St. Paul's participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program which pays the tuition for families that qualify.  More information and the application can be found at




Sycamore is the system the school uses to keep track of student information, and it handles part one oschool registration.  New families should use this link to set up family/student registration.  A school representative will be in touch with you soon about how to complete new family registration.  

Smart Tuition handles the registration fee and school tuition.  Our school code is 13781.  Only new families should use this link.  Existing families will have their information automatically migrated into the new school year.

Financial aid is also available for those that qualify.  You may apply for financial aid here.

If you have questions please contact the school at 608-754-4471


DPI Report Card

"Choice schools who have a school website are required, under Wis. Stat. §§ 119.23 (9m) and 118.60 (9m), to post the school’s report card(s) to the school’s website home page within 30 days after DPI publishes the report cards. Choice schools must prominently link, from the school’s home page, the school’s most recent report card(s)." St. Paul's administered the Forward Exam for the first time in 2023 which means a number of report card fields will be blank.

Click here to view our report card.


We are also required to provide a list of other school in our area.

Private / Parochial Schools

School District of Janesville






Principal's Message

Time to Enroll for 2022-2023

Are you looking for a Christ centered education? Looking for something different? St. Paul's has been working with families for over 150 years to help educate their children. We are now in the process of accepting enrollment forms for next school year. If you would like more information, please contact the school office at or call 608.754.4471.

How come St. Paul's Church has a school? The members of St. Paul's have long held the belief that a Christian education is important for their children as well as all children.  To that end, the church supports the school through prayer, giving time, treasures, and talents.  The church financially supports the school to allow us to provide an excellent Christian education at a fantastic value.

Isn't all education the same? NO. When you start with the fact that we are created by God, we are held to a higher standard. That Truth does not change. 

Do I have to be a Lutheran or join the church? No! We accept families from all faiths and religions. Materials will be presented from the LCMS perspective which is there is only one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and only one way to heaven, through our Savior.

At St. Paul's, we can approach all subjects in a different light. We can handle conflicts in a different manner. When we error, we can teach about grace and forgiveness, and how God still loves us even with our faults.

If you are interested in seeing what St. Paul's has to offer for you and your family, please contact the school office to schedule your visit.  We can't wait to welcome you into our community!

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