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Sunday School 


"seek first his kingdom and his righteousness..."                                                                                                   
Matthew 6:33

Sunday School will  be out for the summer and resume session next Fall.

Summer Sunday School home packets are available by request.  Contact

Sunday Morning Children's Ministry
9:15 - 10:15 a.m.
St. Paul's School building

Join us for a fun filled hour that includes:

  • Large Group & Small Group-style learning!
  • Bible Drama and Music!
  • Bible Time, Crafts & Games!
  • Christ-centered, Relationship Building & Fun!


Sunday School Info

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This dynamic, ministry takes children ages 2 through 8th grade on an adventure through God's word in a whole different way! Sunday School willfeature...

  • Large Group-Small Group Format
  • Preschool, Kindergarten, and  Grades 1-4 meet together for the Opening/Family Worship.  Parents are invited to join their child for this 15 min family time.   K-4th grade will be on the same lesson,  each having an activity group presentation for 15 minutes of the morning that creatively presents the Bible event, including drama, crafts, games,  and illustrations. The second half of the morning, they divide into "Small Groups" by grade, each led by a shepherd. In Small Group time, the children dig further into God's word all which reinforce the teaching of the Bible event and theme for the day. Grades 5-6 will be on another age appropriate lesson that helps them learn to apply God's Word into their lives.
  •  2-Year through 5 Year - Old Class - Our littlest learners, 2 year olds,  have their own class filled with Bible story time, puppets and centers, together with a parent. 3-5 year olds participate in the preschool portion of Sunday School.
  • Christ-centered. The content is focused on Christ, and is written and published by CPH, our LCMS publishing company. The children will be challenged to take their faith into everyday applications.
  • Learning with Fun. The lessons use active learning methods utilizing multiple senses. It will probably feel like VBS at times.
  • Building on Relationships. Teachers focus on God's word AND connect with the kids relationally, helping them apply God's truth to their lives during Small Group time.
  • Take Home.  Kids will bring home sheets "Explore More".  Use these for your family devotions or even one-on-one time with your child to talk about last week's lesson.
  • Grapple.  7-8th grade students will meet separate from the Sunday School classes and will have an age appropriate Bible Study as they explore God's Word and how to apply it in their lives and what it means to live out their faith. 
  • Parents.  Parents are encouraged to join their child(ren) during the 15 minute opening of Sunday School and then stay for a Parent Bible Study based on the children's lessons for that day as well as learning ways to help your child grow in their faith.
Volunteering at Sunday School

There are many opportunities to volunteer with Sunday School.

Large Group Assistant
Help the ministry team that presents the Bible Event during the Large Group portion (9:15 - 9:45) of the morning.  This may include reading a script as a Bible character, doing an object illustration before the children, leading the children in music, or using a puppet, depending on your area of interest!

Lead one age group of children from Large Group to the Small Group portion (9:45 - 10:15) of the morning, and reinforce the Bible event in fun, interactive ways, following the curriculum and supplies provided for you.  In grades 2-6, teachers dig into the word with students, helping them process the truth of the Bible event from Large Group.  Children discuss life application as they do a craft, role-play, or other interactive activities.  In Ages 3, 4, Kindergarten and 1st grade, teachers discuss the application points of the day's lesson as they move through three activities: snack, craft, and game.  Each small group then closes in prayer.

Steering committee

Assist with ongoing planning and development of Children's Ministry at St. Paul's.  May include promotion of Sunday School with posters, flyers and announcements, or offering creative ideas to the rest of the team, and other planning, as needed.

Support Staff

Assist the leadership team with help "behind the scenes," such as helping Supply Coordinators gather supplies, jumping in occasionally as a substitute teacher for a Shepherd, helping copy and distribute materials or notes to the Kingdom Quest staff, etc.

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