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Basketball Camp

Flames Basketball Camp Sponsored by Thrivent

Camp Coordinator and Lead Instructor: St. Paul's A Team Boys' Coach Scott Gestrich

Assistant Instructor: St. Paul's B Team Boys' Coach Steve Spoon

Hands-On Helpers:  Other Area Coaches, Past Coaches, Past and Present Players.

The camp runs June 14 - 17 at St. Paul's School.

Session One:  5th-8th Grade Boys  (2:00-3:30)

Session Two:  2nd-4th Grade Boys  (3:45-5:00)

Session Three: 5th-8th Grade Girls  (5:15-6:30)

Fundamentals are the key to the game of basketball and need to be worked on daily.  The fundamental parts of the game range from dribbling and ball-handling to passing and shooting to defensive stance and positioning to rebounding and footwork.  Basketball is an intense game with many ins and outs.  If your game is not well-rounded you will struggle.   The intent of the camp is to focus in on each one of these fundamental skills and give hands on instruction to prepare players for the years ahead of them.

If you are looking for a camp that is full of scrimmages and pick-up games, this is not the camp for you.  The intent is again on fundamentals and basketball insight and knowledge.  We do challenge the kids but try to mix in some fundamental games to keep things interesting and fun.

Each day of the camp, along with drills and situation and station fundamentals, we will explore one area of the game.  During this discussion we will thoroughly break down the specific area of the game and get the kids involved.  We will bring players up and get them involved in the demonstration and ask the players situational questions to get them thinking.

The turnout for this camp has been overwhelming and has grown from year to year. This camp has been a very rewarding and positive experience for the players and instructors for 6 years now.  Nothing but truly positive feedback has been received.  Players walk away from this camp with a greater knowledge of the game and fundamental skills and ideas that can be used on the court and in their own backyard.

Download the appropriate flier on the left side of this page and get signed up!

Coach Gestrich

What are you also supporting by sending your child to this Camp?

The camp fee is more than reasonable and includes a camp t-shirt and a freeze pop on the way out the door.  The extra money made on the camp helps to pay for polos and water bottles for our basketball teams.  Last year we were also able to purchase a few extra items.  We were able to purchase a basketball hoop and bracket for our younger players to start developing their skills at an age appropriate height.  We were also able to purchase 2 speed ladders used to develop players' foot speed, coordination, and overall quickness.