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  Excellent = 5pts.    Good = 4 pts.  Needs Work = 3 pts. 
Facts / Sources  Used a minimum of two sites.
Listed a minimum of 4 facts from each site.
 Used only 1 site given.
Listed fewer than 4 facts from each site.
 Used only 1 site given and listed fewer than 4 facts from that site.
 Powerpoint Introduction  The introduction is clear and relates to the topic.  The introduction is somewhat vague, but the audience is able to follow the topic. The introduction does not lead clearly into the rest of the presentation.
Powerpoint Content The content is written clearly and in a logical order.
Information is accurate.
The content is vague at times.  Some information appears out of order.
Information appears accurate.
The content is difficult to understand or follow. 
Information is incomplete or inaccurate.
Powerpoint Text Elements Fonts are easy to read.
The use of italics or bold enhance the readability
The background and colors enhance readability.
Fonts are easy to read most of the time.
Color choices make it distracting at time or difficult to read.
The text is extremely difficult to read.  It is either too small, in poor contrast with the background, or contains long blocks of text.
Powerpoint Layout The layout is visually pleasing and adds to the overall presentation with good use of headings, subheadings, and blank space. The layout shows some structure, but at times can appear cluttered.  
At times it may be distracting due to poor color or background choices.
The layout is cluttered or confusing throughout.
Powerpoint Works Cited All sources are properly cited. Most (2-3) of the sources are cited. None of the sources are cited.
Powerpoint Animations and Graphics The choice of animations add to the overall presentation.
Choice of pictures are appropriate for the topic and easy to see.
Animations used are consistent throughout.
The choice of animations are acceptable for most of the presentation.
Some pictures were difficult to see, either due to size or pixilation, etc.
 The choice of animations are distracting to the presentation.
Pictures are inappropriate or have nothing to do with the topic.
Powerpoint Written Mechanics The text is written with no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, or spelling.
(0-2 errors)
Spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors become a distraction.
(3-5 errors)
Proofreading was necessary as many errors became a major distraction.
(more than 5 errors)
Oral Presentation Presenters were knowledgeable about their topics.
Presenters used their notes very little.
Presenters struggled slightly with their topics.
Presenters tended to read from their notes.
Presenters read only what was on the screen, with little or no additional information given.
Commemorative Display Attractive display and tastefully done.  Honors the victims in a respectful way. Display is well done.  Some areas could be neater. Display looks rushed.  Areas are sloppy.