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Look at the chart below.  Decide, with your partner, which areas you would like to research.  Remember, each of you need to choose TWO areas to research.
In order to get full credit for this part of the WebQuest, you will need to do the following:
1.  Use a minimum of two of the sites provided.
2.  Find a minimum of four facts from EACH site.
3.  Record the facts you find on this worksheet to be handed in.
   **On the worksheet, make sure you write down the entire web address!
You may find more information than is required.  That is fine.  Anything above and beyond the required minimum is always welcome!
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ECONOMY  Economic Costs
Economic Effects
Statistical Data 
 AIRLINES Q & A Encyclopedia
Airline Changes
Airport Security
 RELIGION Spiritual Effect
Religion's Role
Muslim Religion (look through the article)
 SECURITY Office of Homeland Security
Homeland Security Act
Strengthening Security
 GOVERNMENT Domestic Spying
Post 9/11
Homeland Security
 ENVIRONMENT / HEALTH Environmental Impact
Still More to Do
Ground Zero Hazards
 TOURISM Domestic Tourism
Travel Survey
Tourism Aftermath
 WORLD VIEW Shifted Views
Varied Views
War on Terrorism
Current Foreign Policy
George W. Bush Foreign Policy

Once you have collected all of your research, you and your partner will work together to create a Powerpoint presentation.  Your Powerpoint is required to have the following:
1.  A title slide, including a picture
2.  A minimum of four slides showing your information
3.  At least two more pictures somewhere in the Powerpoint
4.  A works cited slide, listing the websites you used to gather your information
Once you have completed your Powerpoint, you will be sharing the information with the class.
You and your partner also need to create something to commemorate the victims of the September 11 attacks.  This is your choosing.  Some ideas might include: a mural, a poem, a music video, or a collage.  Please remember that this is supposed to commemorate the victims so be sure that whatever you do is done in good taste.  You will show this as part of your presentation to the class.