Walk by Faith

Gala of Giving

Living, Sharing, & Celebrating Christ's Love in Our Community

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 

Our Response to the Covid-19 outbreak

Worship Schedule

Continuing Until Further Notice

  • Thursdays, in the sanctuary (church building) 6:30p
  • Saturdays, in the sanctuary (church building) at 6p
  • Sunday mornings, in the sanctuary (church building) at 8a
  • Sunday mornings, in the sanctuary (church building) at 10:30a  (This service will also be recorded and available via Facebook Live and this website)

Those attending the services in the sanctuary (church building) are respectfully requested to wear masks and will be expected to practice social distancing. 

The Parking Lot Service season has ended. All worship services are now indoors until Spring. Thank you to everyone who participated in the parking lot service.

Holy Communion is offered at all worship services. 


Worship Bulletin for Thursday 6:30pm and Sunday 8am

Worship Bulletin for Saturday 6pm  and Sunday 10:30am

2020 Contribution Statements Have Been Sent.

If the church has your email address, it was sent via email. If there is no email listed on your records, they were mailed on January 20, 2021. If you received an email copy and have requested a paper copy it was also mailed on January 20, 2021. If you need a paper copy mailed to you, have any questions or need further help, please call the church office at 608-754-4471. Thank you.