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Women's Advent Bible Journaling

Women’s Journey to the Manger

Bible Journaling or Verse Mapping

     Wednesdays at 9 am  

       Nov. 29- Dec. 20


      Thursdays at 6 pm

        Nov. 30- Dec. 21

Room 202 of St. Paul’s School

Join us as we journal our way through the Christmas story.  We will teach you how to Bible Journal or how to do Bible Verse Mapping OR if you already know how, this is a great way to make the time for it.  

What do I need to bring:

  • Journaling Bible - can be purchased at,, or or at most local bookstores

  • Journaling supplies such as colored pencils, water colors, gel pens (one of those is fine)

  • Graphing paper if you’d like to try Bible Verse Mapping

  • Optional - washi tape, stickers, gesso(if using watercolors)

  • If you need help ordering or have questions about supplies, contact Kathy Pingel at




Lit 'n Lattes Book Club

  Grace Alone   

Lit 'n Lattes Book Club

Tues., Mar. 13

6:00 pm 

Room 202 of St. Paul's School building

Read: Grace Alone , by Ruth E. Meyer, CPH publishing

Join us to discuss the book, enjoy time with other women, and share our love of books!  


Contact Kathy Pingel at


Book Summary: 

Grace Williams isn’t looking for complications because, really, isn’t life complicated enough? She’s a single mom with four children. She has unresolved issues with her ex-husband. Her sister nags at her about going to church. Her kids are not perfect. And neither is Grace—she has hang-ups about organized religion, she is overwhelmed by suppressed guilt and grief, she is judgmental, and she can’t control her hair.

When a man shows up on her doorstep, Grace’s life is turned upside down. David is terrific with her kids, she loves his family, and her sister thinks he’s perfect. But he’s a little too pushy. And he wants her to change.

For anyone who’s ever made a mistake, Grace Alone is a story about forgiveness, hope, and grace in the midst of a messy life. Because God specializes in new beginnings.