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Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 

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Women's Bible Study


   Women’s Bible Studies

The Mighty and Mysterious 


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Wednesdays at 9 am 

and Thursdays at 6:30 pm


 Women's and Family Ministry Room

1st floor of St. Paul's School

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Love Rules

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Mondays at 9 am

at Panera Bread 

Milton Ave, Janesville


Contact kpingel@stpaulsjanesville.com for more information

Lit 'n Lattes Book Club


Lit 'n Lattes Book Club

Tues., March 10, 2020

6:30 pm 

Room 204 of St. Paul's School

Read: When You are Near by Tracie Peterson

Join us to discuss the book, enjoy time with other women, and share our love of books!  


Contact Kathy Pingel at kpingel@stpaulsjanesville.com

When You Are Near (Brookstone Brides Book #1)

Book Summary:

After her father's death, Lizzy Brookstone, the star trick rider of the all-female Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza, loses interest in performing. What she longs for is a life with the Brookstone ranch foreman, Wesley DeShazer, the man who once broke her heart. Meanwhile, Jason Adler, son of the show's new financial partner, comes to help with the show, and Lizzy soon finds him vying for her affection.

Ella Fleming is fleeing a forced engagement when she stows away on the Brookstone train. Lizzy finds her and gives her a job in the costume department, but Ella has a dangerous secret that could affect all of their lives, as well as the future of the Brookstone Extravaganza.

When Mary Reichert, a former sharpshooter for the show, learns that her brother, August, has been killed at the Fleming farm, she refuses to believe it was an accident. She returns to the show to find the truth, but is she seeking justice or vengeance?

As the three women work together to discover how August died, Lizzy strives to hold the show together. Can she keep the Brookstone Extravaganza alive without losing the desire of her heart?