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What is PTL?
  • The PTL is the school’s Parent Teacher League.
  • Membership is open to all parents, guardians, and teachers of children enrolled in St. Paul’s Lutheran School.
  • It is parents and teachers working together to make St. Paul’s Lutheran School an exceptional school for our students.
  • The main focus of the PTL is to build a stronger community with our parents and faculty through fundraising and meetings.
  • We carry out activities that support the educational and spiritual experience of our students.
  • We host social and fun events for families and staff to build a strong sense of community.
  • We sponsor fundraisers that provide funding for school improvements, supporting teachers, and improving our school’s technology.
  • We organize Room Parents who help teachers with various classroom events.
  • It is a rewarding way to stay current and involved in what’s happening at St. Paul’s School.
  • The Executive Board is comprised of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A Teacher Representative along with Upper and Lower Grades Representative also round out the Executive Committee.
  • All parents, guardians, and teachers of St. Paul’s Lutheran School are invited to attend PTL meetings.
Our 2017-2018 PTL Officers

Beth Krueger, President

Melissa Bigelow, Vice President

Jill Hanson, Secretary

Jill Trumpy, Treasurer

Kristen Gestrich, Teacher Representative

Ashley Ausen, Lower Grades Representative

Tricia Guse, Lower Grades Representative

Theresa Malloy, Upper Grades Representative

Ways to Support the PTL

Serve as a committee chairperson ~ Taking the lead can be a very rewarding experience. New faces and fresh ideas are always welcome and appreciated. 

Attend special events and fundraisers ~ Don’t miss out!  These events raise funds to support the PTL’s programs and are a great way to get to know your school, the staff and the students.

Volunteer for special events and fundraisers ~ Volunteers are the backbone of the PTL; always needed and greatly appreciated!

Provide feedback about the PTL ~ If there’s something you’d like to say, we’d like to hear it! Comments, questions and concerns are always welcome.

St. Paul’s PTL Mission Statement:
The mission of the St. Paul’s PTL is to sponsor and support student and family enrichment activities which enhance spiritual growth, promote academic, education, and recreational participation and encourage all St. Paul’s families to work together for the benefit of all students and the school community.

PTL Activities


Registration Day
August 23rd
9am-12pm and 4pm-7pm

First Day of School - Parent Social in Fellowship Hall
August 29th
8am - 9am


Fall Rec Night

Fall Festival

Butter Braid Fundraiser


Classroom Christmas Parties


Lutheran Schools Week
January 22nd-28th


Week of February 19th

JLIT Basketball Tournament PTL Coat Room and Spirit Sales


Spring Rec Night


Flower Sales

Email the PTL