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2018-2019 Grade or Department 2018-2019
Item Description
Wished by
or Contact person
Kindergarten Book Shelf, (See Elizabeth Decker for size) Mrs. Decker
Kindergarten 6 matching, cube, storage bins Mrs. Decker
Kindergarten Glitter Glue Mrs. Decker
Kindergarten Assorted Color Indoor/Outdoor Stacking Stool $20 each Mrs. Decker
Kindergarten Chairback Buddy Pocket Chart, Blue/Red 15 for $150 Mrs. Toberman
Kindergarten PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set $52 Mrs. Toberman
Kindergarten Didax Unifix Cubes Set (100 Pack) $15 Mrs. Toberman
Kindergarten Kidsco Foam Dices Assortment 24 pack $10 Mrs. Toberman
Kindergarten Beginning Math Roll and Learn Pocket Cubes $20 Mrs. Toberman
1st Grade Tinkertoy Building set (STEM) 120 Miss Schultz
1st Grade Magna-Tile Clear set (STEM) 55 Miss Schultz
1st Grade Lincoln Log Oak Creek Lodge 38 Miss Schultz
1st Grade Robot Mouse 60 Miss Schultz
7th Grade Subscription to 60 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Qball (Wireless microphone system for use in the classroom.)
179 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Tumblin' Dice 2017 Edition Board Game
95 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Classroom pack of (30) dry erase boards
30 for $168 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Washington DC Digital Postcard
19.50 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Donations towards DC Class Trip $10 - 500 Mr. Kroll
7th Grade Ozobot (Small programmable robots used for the computer coding classes.)
We will need at least 5 robots.
$85 each Mr. Kroll
Special Needs & Resource Rm 3D Geometric Set for Resource Room 180 Mrs. Overly
PE Volleyball System (poles and net) 3500 Mr. Fenrick
PE Volleyball Stand (ref stand and padding) 1200 Mr. Fenrick
Music Rain Stick 30 Ann Henny
Music set of 10 Ukuleles 370 Ann Henny
Youth Foam balls for games John Mueller
Youth Lowes gift card for paint and painting supplies John Mueller
Youth Throw carpet John Mueller
Youth Couches, new or good used John Mueller
Youth Pizza fund John Mueller
General New TV sets for classrooms $550 each All Faculty
General Co Writer computer program for Google Chrome $60/student Mrs. Natz
General Tuition assistance fund Rob Lunak
General Coin counting machine Cindy Perkins
General Bill counting machine Cindy Perkins
General Drop slot safe Cindy Perkins
General Biometric time clock Cindy Perkins
Pastor New Church Management Software Program Pastor Decker
Pastor Church Van 25000 Pastor Decker
Pastor Regularly scheduled retreats Pastor Decker
Church Tables and chairs for fellowship hall 60" Lifetime Round Commercial Grade Tables from Sam's Club $99 each Mrs. Pingel
Church Lifetime Commercial Grade White Folding Chairs from Sam's Club $19.98 each Mrs. Pingel
Church Lifetime Chair Storage Cart - stores 10 tables from Sam's Club $149.98 each Mrs. Pingel
Church Lifetime Chair Storage Cart - stores 32 chairs from Sam's Club $149.98 each Mrs. Pingel
Church Bible Study books for various studies - about $10 each, 6 sessions a year at approx 30 books per session =$300 per session and $1800 a year Mrs. Pingel
Church $ to cover cost of events (coffee, cups, books) Mrs. Pingel
Church Safco two tier mobile cart for folding chairs (holds 84 chairs) from amazon $365.99 each Mrs. Pingel