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Women In Mission (St. Paul's LWML)

July Events:

July Meeting - Quilting Day with Sandwich Exchange Lunch


Tuesday, July 16th 

9am to 3pm in the church basement

All manner of help is appreciated, from threading needles, and tying knots, to sewing edges on to quilts.  Quilts are functional before pretty, and are sent to those in need through Orphan Grain Train (often after disasters like flooding).  You can come any time and stay as long as you like.  If you are there for lunchtime, bring a sack lunch with a sandwich cut in half.  We will be trading sandwiches for a little extra fun and fellowship at lunchtime.  

Members please bring your mites and other offerings for the month.  

Ingathering is items for Project 16:49 supporting homeless students in Janesville.

August Events

Girls Helping Girls

Workday In the church basement (fellowship hall)

Tuesday, August 20th  1:00 pm to  4:30 pm and

 Hostesses: Bonnie Graves and Dianne Vierk

We will be making feminine kits to help girls in poor areas stay in school throughout the month.  Sewing is simple and plenty of other help is needed like cutting fabric and assembling kits.  Please join us!!

Members remember your mites and ingathering for teacher appreciation.  A list of what to bring will be posted soon.




The Women in Mission (LWML) will also be hosing a Quilting day Wednesday, August 14 from 9am to 3pm (bring a bag lunch if you stay over the lunch hour) We will be set up in the Fellowship Hall as usual, and coffee will be provided.  Join us for both SERVICE and FELLOWSHIP!




St. Paul's Lutheran Women's Missionary League

"Serve the Lord with gladness" Psalm 100:2

To help St. Paul's women Grow spiritually in LOVE 

Respond by growing & reaching in LOVE through

Serve others in LOVE through MISSION SERVICE

Gather funds in LOVE for MISSION GRANTS

 Purple and gold

The purpose of the South Wisconsin District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is to assist each woman in the congregations of our District in affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she is enabled, through the local society, to use her Spirit-endowed gifts in reaching out with Christ’s love to all the people of her church, neighborhood, and the world. 

We are a local chapter (in Zone 19) of the South Wisconsin District LWML: 

which is a part of the larger organization:

Upcoming Quilting Dates:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 from 9a to 3p

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 from 9a to 3p.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 from 9a to 3p

WORK DAY for Orphan Grain Train-Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 9a to 3p 

Quilting activities like this one are HANDS-ON mission projects where we make quilts for relief organizations like Orphan Grain Train.  The quilts are used by displaced or needy people, often after a tragedy, like an earthquake or hurricane.  In addition to a blanket, individuals use the quilt for whatever is needed - a makeshift tent, a baby sling, bed, etc.  Given the utilitarian nature of the quilts, beauty and intricacy is less important than durability.  No special skills are required.  If you have a desire to help a stranger through a trying time in his/her life, come to a quilting event and you will be shown what to do.  Beginners often start with simple knot-tying, but anyone with more experience will also find plenty to do laying out tops and backs, sewing bindings, etc.  Those with advanced sewing skills can also contribute by making quilts for the annual quilt auction held in the fall/winter.

We typically meet in Fellowship Hall (the church basement) all day for one of the days (9am to 3pm) (bringing a bagged lunch if you are staying through the lunch hour) and half a day on the other day we meet (9am to noon, or noon to 3pm).  Coffee is provided.  One great feature of quilting times is the fellowship.  As our hands are busy, we are getting to know one another.  Please consider joining us, even if it is just to stop in for an hour.

De-Coding the LWML

If you are new to the LWML, the following info might be helpful


We meet on the third Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise printed or announced.  Members sign up to be a hostess for one month out of the year, which usually consists of providing refreshments for the meeting fellowship time. Hostesses for each meeting choose their own chairman if needed. If you cannot serve during the month assigned, PLEASE TRADE WITH ANOTHER MEMBER.  We meet in Fellowship Hall (the Church Basement) unless otherwise noted. 

There are no dues, but offerings are received each month for LWML mites, a designated mission project and society expenses.  All women of the congregation are invited!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO ATTEND MEETINGS, EVENTS OR SERVICE PROJECTS. Guests are always welcome!

You may see baskets with money on the front table at our meetings.  What is this all about???  Members bring small offerings each to meeting as they are led and able.  Guests are welcome to contribute as well.

*MITES - Offerings placed in mite boxes for LWML mission grants - often our loose change. As members place their offerings in the box, a prayer is offered to God in thankfulness for His blessings and guidance. 75% of these monies go to the Dist. LWML projects and 25% goes to National LWML projects each selected biennially.

*MISSION OFFERING – A basket is set out at each meeting for a designated mission project as decided by the group each year.

*MISSION GRANTS – Annual gifts given to our chosen recipients. These gifts are received from a Lenten supper, Ladies Aid & LWML fall supper and from a silent auction featuring some of our hand-made quilts. Personal gifts are also accepted.  Members puts together proposals for who is to get the grants, and vote each year about distributing funds we have collected throughout the year.

*SOCIETY EXPENSES- A basket is available at each meeting to be used for Standing Projects and society administration. Included are rally, retreat, and convention offerings; Standing and ad hoc committee expenses; Memorials for departed members & Lutheran Hour membership. Members pay for their LWML Quarterly.

*BIRTHDAY OFFERINGS - Individual members may give a gift during her birthday month out of joy for the years our Lord has given, which may be placed in the birthday basket.  The money will go toward our Mission Grants.

***INGATHERING***  These are items being collected for a specific group or cause that you can choose to bring to each meeting as another type of offering.

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