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Welcome to St. Paul's Library!
All classes have at least one or two assigned times to come to the library and computer lab on a weekly basis. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 check their books out for 1 week and can renew them twice. Students in grades 5 through 8 check their books out for 2 weeks and can renew them twice.
Students are charged a fine for overdue books. They will receive one day of grace and then are charged 5 cents a day for each day it is late. Weekends and days off are not counted. Students can not check out new books while having an overdue book.
Students are responsible for any books they have checked out. If it is lost or damaged beyond repair, they will be charged the cost of the book.



Ice Cream PARTY!!

When the students in grades 1-8 reach the school goal of 21,000 A.R. points by May 25, we will have an ice cream party!! Everyone working together can help to accomplish this goal!!

Lunch with the Librarian!!


If students reach the assigned goal for their grade level, they can earn lunch with the librarian!!!

Grade 1: 175 A.R. points

Grades 2+3: 200 A.R. points

Grades 4+5: 225 A.R. points

Grades 6-8: 250 A.R. points

All students will need to have enough points by May 19, 2017!!

Grades 1-3 will earn McDonalds!! We will pick up our lunch and take it to Peace Park (weather permitting) and students will have time to play after they are done eating.

Grades 4-8 will earn lunch at Mac's Pizza Shack!!!

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Accelerated Reading
 Teachers will assign each student a reading range and goal after they take the STAR Assessment Test. All the books in the library that have an AR quiz on them will have an orange sticker on the spine with the reading level and point value. We have access to over 100,000 quizzes online.Students can take AR quizzes before or after school in the library or when their class comes down. Quizzes can also be taken in the classroom. The students have to keep track of their own reading levels. If you have questions about AR, please see the student’s teacher.   Parents can access their child's AR record through Home Connect. Use your child's user name and password. 
Library Hours
The library is open
Monday through Friday
7:45 A.M. - 3:20 P.M.
unless otherwise posted!
Check out these typing games!!
 Practice! Practice! Practice!

Dance Mat Typing

Big Brown Bear