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Buffalo Wild Wings Home Team Advantage

Buffalo Wild Wings Home Team AdvantageThank you for your generous support of the 7th Grade Washington DC Trip. Buffalo Wild Wings has extended their partnership in the Home Team Advantage program. Show the card, on a mobile device or the printed copy, to the server and let them know you are part of the HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE PROGRAM.  You can also simply tell the server you are supporting TEAM E – St. Paul’s Lutheran School. The server will add 10% of your total sales to our running total. It’s that easy. At the end of the promotion Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of sales that we generated to the 7th grade trip. (Remember to purchase a Scrip card from the office. You can support St. Paul’s twice!)

Graph Paper

Need graph paper? Print it here!

Mr. Kroll's Favorite Sites
There are few of Mr. Kroll's favorite web sites. Do you want a site added to this page? Email Mr. Kroll with your suggestions.

He checks these sites daily!
Chicago Cubs
Newseum - read over 800 newspaper front pages.
Janesville Gazette

CNN Student News
Bible History Movies


Social Studies / Geography

 video - Five Themes of Geography
video - Steve Martin's "King Tut"
video - K2 avalance
video - Cinco de Mayo
Info about our 50 states
Mesoamerican Ball Game
Mummy Maker game
Ancient Egypt - lots of information here

Pre-Historic Art presentation
Cave at Lascaux
Cave of the Hands
Europe map review - work on Western Europe, Nordic Europe,Southern and Central Europe

Canada - Games that will help you prepare for the map test 


Central America - Country and capitals map games


United States - States and capitals map games

Tour the States - Fun YouTube video teaching state location and capital

Math Games

"PacMan" style game dealing with standard and expanded form

Race Way Number Values

Hockey Place Value Game

Football Decimal Place Value Game

Balloon Pop Ordering Decimals Game

American Girl Games
Picture Pieces game
Addy's home page
Kirsten's home page
Other sites you might like:
Fun Brain
Cool Math  4 Kids - math and logic games
The Bible Gateway
Shut the Box
My Mission Statement
I am a forgiven child of God empowered by the Holy Spirit to teach the children of God. My life is one of ministry and service to my God, my church, and my family.

My teaching schedule for the school year includes:

Computer - 7th and 8th grade

Geography - 7th grade

Literature - 8th grade 

Math - 6 grade

Pre Algebra - 7th and 8th grade 

Religion, Memory - 6th grade

Social Studies - 5th grade

World History - 6th grade

 I also supervise the Safety Patrol and organize the class trip to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C, Trip Information


2020 Trip to Washington DC

April 26-May 1 

Key Dates to Remember

September 30

6:30 PM - Fellowship Hall

Informational Meeting


Buffalo Wild Wings promotion

Tell the server you are supporting TEAM E.

October 25

Deposit Due - $300 per traveler

December (date TBA)

Short Stack for a Tall Cause

Applebee's Pancake Breakfast

February 12

Final Payment Due - Amount to be determined

April 15

6:30 PM - Fellowship Hall

DC Meeting

SUNDAY, April 26, 2020

Leave for DC - 3PM


Arrive in Janesville,

approximately 7:30 AM


Safety Patrol Information
Memory Work

Need a copy of the MEMORY WORK?