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Parking Lot Pictures
Paving the Way Progress
This Week and Last Week’s Progress (Week of July 16th, 2018 and Week of July 23rd, 2018):
  • Concrete crews came in to form and pour the sidewalks
  • Concrete crews came in to form and pour the curb and gutters throughout the project
  • Crews worked during the weekend to install the last storm sewer structure and pipe on the north end of the school
  • Crews worked to fine grade the parking lot with the final amount of stone, so the pavers could mobilize on Monday morning
  • The paving crew arrived early Monday morning to pave both layers of asphalt
  • The striping crew began striping the parking lot on Tuesday morning. They finished with the actual parking lot lines on Wednesday morning. Once completed, they began working on the playground lines.
  • Concrete crews finished their contract work today by pouring the driveway approach slab in the new entrance

This and Next Week’s Schedule

  • Pavement markings will be finished by the end of the day today.
  • Crews will arrive to tidy up the edges of the parking lot with topsoil. They will seed, fertilize, and mulch these areas.
  • A crew will be on site to finish grading for the new storm sewer that was installed on the north end of the church by the playground early next week.
  • Handicap signs on concrete bases will be delivered early next week.

At this time, we would ask that no vehicles enter the parking lot. We need to have at least three days of cure time for the concrete that was poured today. Once this is cured, there will still be quite a bit of work to do around the outside edges of the parking lot. I will keep everyone updated on a date where we can start allowing vehicles in. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will also be providing some really cool aerial images shot from our drone once all the work is complete just before we open up the parking lot.

**All dates are weather dependent and subject to change
Parking Lot Project Questions and Concerns

Questions from the Congregation

  1. What is the dollar amount the grant applications would amount to?
    Answer: That amount cannot be determined at this time.
  2. Let's say the parking lot project is approved. If we don't have the money we need from the fundraising where do we go (for the money)?
    Answer: A temporary cash flow issue allows us to a) use reserves from the general fund to be repaid with fundraising or b) borrow from Lutheran Church Extension Fund. (And this won't be needed because our fundraising efforts will be successful!)
  3. Could someone block us from building the second exit?
    Answer:  per Gale Price, No the second exit cannot be blocked
  4. Has anyone done a Roosevelt traffic study? Roosevelt parents park on both sides of Holmes to pick up kids and cars and kids are everyone causing a hazard.Answer: No, no study has been done. It's a good point to consider and efforts will need to be made for safe use of the exit during school times.
  5. Can the city allow parking only on Roosevelt side of the street?
    Answer: These are things we'll need to determine
  6. Is the new entrance an egress only? Or entrance and egress?
    Answer: Yet to be determined
  7. Are we losing parking spaces in the new parking lot?
    Answer: We will have to count spaces before voters meeting on Sunday
  8. Will the pea gravel be replaced with something else?
    Answer: The parking lot project is separate from any upgrades or changes to the playground located off the asphalt (including the pea gravel). The reference to the parking lot/playground is in the use of the parking lot area as playground for our kids. Efforts to keep the pea gravel off of the parking lot in our design will be considered.
  9. What is the thought for the location of a new building?
    Answer: We are looking at all options and listening to opinions. It's too early in the process to determine this but this is why we need the Angus Young Associates study to give us insight to our options.
  10. What will the traffic flow for parking lot use be and how will this be communicated for safety?
    Answer: The Church and School administrative staff will address this.
  11. Will there be additional lighting in the parking lot?
    Answer: There is no additional money budgeted right now for lighting. However, there is a possibility for additional lighting surrounding the parking lot and this can be explored.
  12. Regarding the timeline for construction, is there any “wiggle room” in the timeline? (end of school year to start of VBS)
    Answer: The current timeline presented is preliminary. We believe it is achievable but certainly there may be unanticipated issues that arise. We will have to deal with them as they arise.
  13. Is the cost of demolition/removal of the home at 1217 E Holmes St. included in the budget?
    Answer: This cost is not in the initial budget. We have explored donations to Habitat for Humanity to repurpose the home and to decrease demotion cost.
  14. If another non-profit wanted the home and covered the cost of moving it is there a process for applying for this?
    Answer: Yes, another entity could offer to move the property. They would have to provide proof of insurance for such a task as well as demonstrate the ability to remove it on our timeline. Questions regarding this can be directed to Duane Mundth.
  15. Is the reconstruction of Ringold Street (by the city) going to affect the parking lot?
    Answer: The reconstruction by the city will include the off street parking in front of the school so this benefits us. The logistics of parking lot use/Ringold St. reconstruction will be worked out as it evolves.
  16. Will we have additional voter's meetings when additional information is available? How will information be presented as the project continues?
    Answer: The questions and answers posed to committee members will be posted and answered on the St. Paul's website and monthly in the church bulletin. New information will be updated on the website and in the bulletin as well.
Additional Information

Our parishioners were recently sent a letter with information about our Parking Lot Project.


If you are considering donating to this great cause, you can download a pledge card.


You can also donate now online by entering an amount in the "Parking Lot" field.


We also now have the ability to accept donations through a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices.


2018 Parking Lot Construction Motion Passed

St. Paul’s proposed motion to approve parking lot project for 2018 construction

I move to approve the redevelopment and construction of the parking lot and authorize expenditures relating thereto in an amount not to exceed $550,000, which expenditures may be paid from funds borrowed or donated in connection with a capital campaign, in the discretion of the building committee and the church council; which expenditures will be incurred following consultation with engineers and architects; and which expenditures, may in the discretion of the building committee and the church council, include the following:

  • Acquisition of the property located at 1217 East Holmes Street for an amount not to exceed $80,400; and
  • Initial fees for professional services, including without limitation, the retention of engineers and architects relating to the redevelopment and construction of the parking lot and the future construction of an early childhood center, which fees shall not exceed $45,800.00